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Essential Steps to Download WhatsApp on

Blackberry and Windows Phone

It is true that WhatsApp has become the most used form of communication in the world today. The ability of the app[ to be used in different gadget such as phone, Tabs, MacBook, and personal computers that operate ion different operating systems have drastically increased its users. Research has shown that many people in different parts of the world used Blackberries and Windows Phone. The main aim of this articles, therefore, is to give a guideline on effective download and installation of the App on Blackberries and Windows phone.  

Downloading for Blackberry

There are key steps while downloading WhatsApp on your Blackberry. These steps include;


-    Blackberry has WhatsApp messenger home page. Go to the page via the link any computer. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

-    Above the provided WhatsApp description, click the blue download button.

-    Many devices prompt you to log in first. Do so using your blackberry Id and your selected password.

-    Confirm that the version of WhatsApp provided is the one you want to download. Read the provided description to be sure.

-    The download will commence immediately and a faded screen will appear. Be patient until the download finishes.

-    When the download finishes, install the app on your phone and start using it. Create a group, start a conversation or join an ongoing one. Always ensure to be connected to the internet.

Downloading for Windows Phone

Contra to Blackberry, there is unique steps that you should follow while downloading WhatsApp for your Windows phone.  These steps act as a guide towards proper download and installation of the app to your phone. They include;


-    Windows phone has Marketplace application already installed by the manufacturers. Therefore, begin by launching the App.

-    Click the Apps icon provided at the Marketplace

-    In the search field, search “WhatsApp” application

-    From the results provided, tap on the “WhatsApp Messenger” and a description page will be provided to you. Carefully go through the provided description to ensure that is the version you want.

-    On top of the WhatsApp detail screen, tap on the install button and the app will automatically begin to download. The app will also automatically install after finishing to download.

-    Launch the messenger through the shortcut icon created on your homepage during the installation and start using it for your communication purposes.

You can also use whatsapp in your Personal Computer here you can download free whatsapp messenger for pc.